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Meet the
Aviation Technical Solutions Partners LP.
Street Address

9402 King Air Dr.

Grandbury TX 76049


  • Todd Heffley – Licensed Airframe Mechanic, Comercial Pilot, Falcon Avionics and Troubleshooting Consultant.  Call 817-845-0145.
  • Terry Heffley – Licensed Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic and Airline Transport Pilot.  Call 817-938-3318.
About Aviation Technical Solutions:
  • Founded in 2003 by Todd and Terry Heffley, the second generation of  the  renowned aviation family.
  • Engineers, develops, tests, and builds reliable equipment to help aircraft operators and maintenance technicians tackle some of their most challenging needs.
  • Aviation Technical Solutions LP products and services provide you with:
    • Safety – As result of proper maintenance to exact standards.
    • Confidence – With assurance that the job is done right.
    • Efficiency – Allowing more productivity in less time.
  • If you have a critical maintenance need, Aviation Technical Solutions LP can help you with a solution.
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