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Falcon Breakout Box
Falcon Breakout Box
AS-201 Falcon Messier-Bugatti
Breakout Box
  • The AS-201 Falcon Messier-Bugatti breakout box is designed specifically for the Falcon 900, Falcon 900B, Falcon 900C, Falcon 900EX, aircraft.
  • Unlike other anti-skid systems, The Messier-Bugatti SPAD (Speed Aquisition Device) uses the rotation of the nose wheels to set a rolling speed reference to adjust the main wheel braking effort.
  • This very unusual technique provides specific advatages over 4 wheel systems, and also places  additional maintenance and troubleshooting requirements on the technician servicing the unit.
  • The AS-201 emphisizes the logical layout of the Maintenance Manual diagram to encourage systematic troubleshooting of all voltage levels coming to the 2CG amplifier. It provides direct access to each voltage that appears on each pin of both connectors, while the unit is plugged in and operating.

Falcon Flap Tool
Flap Backlash Tool
  • The Flap Backlash Tool for the Falcon 10 is manufactured to the F10 AMM, 27-81-08 Page 604, Figure 601.
  • It features a plastic clamp assembly to reduce the possibility of damaging the flap jackscrew.
  • Thumb screws allow easy installation.
  • Strong return spring assures an accurate measurement each time.
  • Packaged in a ruggedized carry case.

Falcon X-Ray Tool
X-Ray Tool
  • The XT-801 tool, Dassault P/N F10A 957 010 is required to calibrate the X-Ray grayscale during the wing root flange inspection.
  • The XT-801 is manufactured to Falcon 10 AMM57-10-05 figure 601.

Falcon Bearing Tool

Bearing Tool
  • The BT-701 bearing service toolkit provides the tooling required for pressure greasing of many Falcon flight controls.
  • This toolkit is manufactured to comply with the Falcon 10 work cards such as 27-00-22 page 301 and similar.
  • It includes a 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm bearing tool as well as a special tool for the Falcon 10 aileron belcranks located at each wing root, and a standard cone shape grease tool for the various large diameter bearings.
  • It is also useful on many other Falcon flight control bearings.

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